Limited Edition Can Holster

$ 40.00

Available in the USA only.

The limited edition leather can holster enables photographers and filmmakers to easily attach a can of Atmosphere Aerosol to the outside of your camera bag, on your hip, or any other place where it can be clipped. 

The space inside your camera bag is very important. Instead of placing a can of Atmosphere Aerosol inside your camera bag, the can holster clips to the outside of your bag. The reusable can holster also fits standard water bottles.

Can holsters are tight to begin with because it's a leather product. As such, they require a break in period. The more they are used, the quicker they will break in. After they are broken in, the leather will still be tight enough to hold a can of Atmosphere Aerosol securely without the risk of falling out.

Handcrafted in the USA and currently only available in the USA. 100% made from products sourced in the United States. We ship from Knoxville, Tennessee, and also Salt Lake City, Utah.


Material: Full-grain cow hide leather, solid brass clip. The irregularities and variations in the leather are characteristic of the leather adding to its natural beauty, and is in no way to be considered as defective.

Color: Gray

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Warranty: Lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship. 

Limited edition.