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Atmosphere AerosolOur mission at Atmosphere Aerosol is to help photographers and filmmakers safely, quickly and easily enhance their photos and films with fog or haze in an affordable way.

We believe the best photos are captured when mother nature adds her intangibles. The way the sun and wind interact with the trees. Atmosphere Aerosol adds to those intangibles to help create a unique environment to capture moments creatively.

In 2000, Joe began working for an advertising agency shooting commercial photography and television commercials. When Joe became a professional wedding photographer in 2008, he wanted more from his photos. He wanted to infuse what he had learned in the commercial world into the fast paced wedding day. 

We wanted to create rays of light that took images to the next level. And, most importantly, we wanted to be able to produce images you see in films without having to carry a fog machine or tools that require power.

That's where Atmosphere Aerosol began. We spent two years developing and optimizing the spray to make sure it:

  • Fits into a camera bag.
  • Is light-weight so it's easily carried throughout the day.
  • Affordable.
  • Is a safe, non-toxic, clear spray, so it does not stain gowns, suits, and garments.
  • Llingers in the air longer than other products on the market.

Improve the look, feel, uniqueness, and overall creativity of your photos and films. 

Owners Joe and Kathleen are a husband and wife team of professional wedding photographers and owners of the Knox Photo Bus based in Knoxville, Tenn., we have shot more than 300 weddings and films world wide.