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Atmosphere Aerosol enables photographers and filmmakers to quickly, easily, and safely create fog or haze for photos and film. 

  1. Shake can well before using.
  2. Spray in room or still area for 20 seconds or more.
  3. Atmosphere Aerosol will linger in the air for minutes for photos and films.
    VERY IMPORTANT! Back lighting is required to see haze or fog. Position and amount of light will determine the look of the fog or haze.
  4. Re-spray as needed.

Tips For Shooting

Below are examples of ways to use Atmosphere Aerosol for shooting indoors and outdoors with natural and artificial light for photography and films.


Shooting Outdoors

For the shot below, it was a sunny day with very little wind, and it was in the morning. The trees and leaves helped Atmosphere Aerosol linger in the air. Spray Atmosphere Aerosol in the air behind the subject, so it will spread out evenly throughout the scene. If there is a breeze, spray Atmosphere into the wind in order to disperse the haze as it travels downwind.

Shooting outdoors

Shooting Indoors Using Natural Light

The shots below were taken indoors with natural light coming through the windows. The air was still, the windows were closed, and we were not near any running fans or air conditioning vents. Something to look for when using Atmosphere Aerosol indoors with natural light is direct light hitting the wall or floor like the image below.

Position your subject or subjects and spray Atmosphere Aerosol into the light. The position of the light and the amount of Atmosphere Aerosol used will determine the look of the haze.

Shooting With Artificial Light

You can create the illusion of the sun with a light source (i.e., speed light, strobe, or video light). 

Color gels can also add creativity to your photos. A full CTO was used in the image below.  The light was fired into the barn wall in order to cut and shape the light into rays.

Atmosphere Aerosol Fog for Photographers